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We may be old, but we're slow. 

LEAP was founded in 2004 to create a safe-haven for those valuing fun and respectful online gameplay.  We
are a clan of (mostly) adult players who enjoy the fun, camaraderie and team-play that is available through online-gaming.  Although LEAP originated from a core group of online gamers/friends playing Halo, the majority of our members have been introduced to LEAP through game-play in WarGaming's World of Tanks, World of Warships  and World of Warplanes.



LEAP is not a highly structured or regimented clan,
(Quite by design we assure you), but LEAP members
are expected to embrace three simple rules: 


1) Have fun.


2) Play with a team spirit while being respectful of others, both on and off the field of battle.  Members
are expected to maintain a respectful attitude toward fellow LEAPsters and competitors alike, refraining from disrespectful and/or derogatory comments, chats and posts and representing the LEAP Clan with pride.


3) Maintain family-friendly communication, refraining from the use of negative, disrespectful  and/or foul language.  Although most LEAPsters are adults, our membership also includes younger players.  In most cases, these are the children and/or grandchildren of adult LEAP members. Our membership includes individuals representing several countries and a diverse sampling of upbringings, backgrounds and beliefs.  In some cases, members use external speakers instead of headsets, exposing family members to in-game conversation.


We are always on-watch for new, like-minded players who enjoy online gaming and want to have fun learning and growing in the game with others.


If LEAP sounds like a good fit for you and you would like to apply for membership, Click Here. 

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